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Modules Capability Overview

Security, safety and liability, maintenance, and parking; these are the cornerstones of providing a superior quality of life at a residence or workplace for residents and tenants. We understand and address these needs at the highest levels.

Our satisfied clients become long-term partners rather than just vendors for a reason. Having the most comprehensive cutting edge technology in the industry is the key to our success.

Our real time reporting software encompasses technology and is a web-based information and team management solution which integrates seamlessly with any Computer Aided Facility Management software and greatly increases their functionality.

It goes way beyond paperless or electronic reporting and is a risk and liability reduction tool. It provides a simultaneous and comprehensive real time record, including the outcome of duty, task and performance issues. It increases reporting capabilities exponentially by putting instant communication into the hands of tenants and residents.

Through multiple reporting streams such as an online interface, 24 hour dispatch, residents or tenants, or through security officer data and issue generation, your team can dramatically increase accountability through GPS date and time stamped photos, audio, and field notes.

Save time, reduce risk and liability, increase compliance, and provide executive reports all with a few simple mouse clicks. No programming or software installation required, easy customization to your unique needs, free upgrading of the latest technology, funneling and dispatching of issues. It also automates predictable and scheduled tasks and duties, and so much more.