PES Security Teams

PES Security Services is a leading provider of Unarmed/Armed Security Services

You see them everywhere and because of their very presence, you feel safer. That’s exactly what each place of business intended when they placed security guards on the premises.

Most of the time you will see unarmed security guards stationed at common businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, museums, office buildings, parking garages, school campuses, movie theaters, gyms, hospitals, train and bus stations, airports, banks, warehouses, retail stores, stadiums, and more.

Unarmed security guards make up the majority of the security guard industry. To be an unarmed security guard, the qualifications are easier than going through the process of becoming an armed security guard.

PES Security Services is a leader in providing security guards for companies in Arizona. Our guards don’t just go through the standard tests required to become a security guard in the state of Arizona, they also go through another level of our proprietary and specialized in-house security training that is supervised by one of our senior administrators.

Going through our customized in-house security training gives our security guards a highly specialized skill set in protective services that most other security guards will never possess.

That’s what differentiates our company from every other security company in Arizona.

The ultimate beneficiaries of our uniquely trained security guards are the companies that we provide security for. Our clients get an extra level of security that gives them peace of mind while simultaneously increasing their level of protection against shoplifting and even against employee theft.

Our unarmed security officers are trained to keep a watchful eye on your company and the surrounding environment, which includes your clientele and your employees, effectively decreasing or minimizing losses, which subsequently adds to a company’s bottom line.

They can dramatically limit your liability by keeping unwanted elements off of your property. They can disrupt a band of juveniles loitering on company grounds. They can stop fights, altercations, vandals, and graffiti artists, before they get out of hand.

PES Security Services give your company that extra level of security that it deserves. Protecting your company, your biggest asset, is our number one priority. We will create an effective plan that will benefit your company starting from the moment our security plan is implemented.

Give us a call and we’ll go over your concerns and create a custom made security plan that will safeguard your business and its assets with round the clock vigilance and protection.